Louiji's 9th Monthsary
My dear baby Louiji,

You are now on your 9th month! God has blessed you with good health and strong immune system. You’ve had cough and colds but you never had fever. Praise God for that!

You have gained a bigger appetite. Whenever we’re together, you would eat your veggies and apples twice a day. Talk about being magana! Though, potatoes still don’t look appetizing to you. I know where you’re coming from, anak. Boiled potatoes really taste bland. Ewww. But, when you turn a year old, we can add a little spice to it. Ever notice that I say that a lot whenever you want to have a bite of something that is so flavorful? It’s a promise, baby! Mommy will make your diet as diverse but nutritious as possible starting on your birthday 😉

Another milestone of yours that Daddy and I are proud about is that you can now sit for as long as 15 minutes in the crib. You have yet to sit on your own but whenever we prop you up, you remain seated for so long. You were able to finish the Mickey Mouse show in one sitting. I was so happy the first time I saw you do that that I told Daddy about it over the phone right away. We’ll be excited all the more when we see you sit on your own!

At this time, you are also beginning to learn how to express yourself. Aside from crying, you have found ways to tell Daddy and me what you feel and what you want. We can tell right away when you’re hungry, sleepy, tired, want more food, need to be picked up and cuddled or you simply want to play with us.

I thank God that you still want Mommy’s milk milk. Everyday, we would ask God to give us an abundant supply of breastmilk. He is so faithful that at 9 months, I still have milk milk to give you each time we are together. I am also able to express milk at work and bring home two bottles for you that you can consume the following day. By third week next month, you wouldn’t need formula milk to augment your supply anymore. I will be staying at home with you and you will be exclusively breastfed again 🙂

Exciting times ahead! With the many milestones that you have achieved in the previous month, Daddy and I know that there are more to come. I pray that you will enjoy each stage that you will go through. Daddy and I will always be here motivate you and cheer on you as you go along.

We love you soooo much, our dear baby Louiji!!! May the Lord continue to bless you and keep you.

Hugs, kisses and overflowing love,