For 4 days, I was obliterated from the blogoshpere. No thanks to my provider for taking my site (and that of my husband’s) down without notifying us just because they need to migrate their servers. Their customer service for the past 3 days was far from being acceptable. I am thankful that today, they seem to have changed their mind and decided to do their job and be efficient at it.

Enough about them.  What’s important is that my site is now up and running again 🙂 I may not have that many readers yet but my online space is so precious to me. This is where I share things with my friends and other people and not be limited with 140 or 188 characters.

Dear PhilHosting, don’t ever pull that plug again without informing your subscribers. We have paid for our domain and hosting services. We deserve only the best after-sales support.