Apple + Pear + Calamansi

That is not the latest knock, knock joke, okay? I am talking about Coco’s latest concoction. He is my project budddy in the office and he often brings a liter of his own mix. He was very generous to offer me a glass of it each time especially when he learned that I’m preggy.

Today, I came in the office with that cold again. I saw Coco in the pantry and he asked me if I wanted to have juice. When he told me that it was apple and pear, my eyes lit up and I poured some on my tumbler. That mix was able to alleviate that nasty cold that I had the other day. That time, I drank a glass of salabat after finishing my serving of his juice. This morning, I added squeezes of calamansi into the apple and pear mix to add more Vitamin C. Again, it worked!

I delight in natural remedies for common illnesses especially now that I am infanticipating. I can’t just pop a pill into my mouth because very few medicines are safe for expecting moms like me. I rather err on the side of precaution than take risks to protect my baby. I thank God for health buffs like Coco 🙂