Becoming a LadyBoss

I remember that when I was in Grade 1, we were told to write and draw about what we want to be when we grow up. While my classmates were drawing and writing about becoming a doctor, a nurse, and a teacher, I wrote about becoming a businesswoman.

Growing up, I helped out in selling food and beauty products. I also worked as a sales associate for an IT company. I also had a stint with some networking organizations but didn’t last long. I have realized that if I were to get into business, it should be about something that I am really passionate about. I didn’t know it at that time. It took me a long time to find out.

Fast forward to 2019. I’m a homeschooling mom of 2, quit my part-time online job to focus on serving my husband and our two kids. My desire to build a business from home never left my heart. It was a good thing that my husband shares the same dream. We’ve been praying about it and even listed it as part of our Faith Goals. As part of my preparation in becoming a LadyBoss, I researched and read about women, especially moms, who got into business. I am particularly drawn to those who built their business from the ground up, encountered extreme difficulties, and lack of support, but managed to thrive and even mentored others who are just starting out. That’s why I joined The Fulfilled Women Community (Christian Women Entrepreneurs PH). As an aspiring entrepreneur, I need to arm myself with all the information, inspiration, and encouragement that I can get.

The Fulfilled Women was established by Viviene Grace Vargas-Bigornia, a wonderful mom of two, who is also known as The Party Momma for her party and events hosting, and Madam Fulfilled for her motivational speaking and mindset coaching services.

I first met Viviene during the first meetup for homeschoolers in the South. We were then introduced by Gracie of Tipid Mommy and Tipid Living, whom I have known through the blogging community for moms. It turns out that they were BFFs who became friends through a business transaction. Since then, Viviene and I stayed connected. I even became part of the group of women who had the opportunity to be coached by Viviene. I learned a lot during those sessions. I like the way that Viviene first point women to GOD and the Scriptures. She said that it is very important that a woman knows how GOD sees her and her value in the eyes of our Creator. I couldn’t agree more on this. Business, no matter how big or small, is a tough game to get into. It can have soul-crushing and character-defining moments when people would begin to question or misplace their self-worth. This is why it is very important for all of us to first and foremost have a solid relationship and daily quiet time with GOD, so we would be constantly reminded of who we truly are — how we are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalms 139:14) — and get guidance, wisdom, discernment, and encouragement in everything that we do.


The LadyBoss event is done every quarter where Christian women entrepreneurs gather together to promote their businesses, make new connections, study the Scripture, and listen to inspiring talks from fellow women entrepreneurs. The most recent gathering, last November 23, is special because it is also the community’s Christmas party. I was able to talk to some of them and discovered that we do have things in common. I was happy to have met a fellow homeschooler, Shau of LifePrints PH, and a home baker ( I love baking!), Millie of Cupcakemill, who gladly shared how she started in her baking business. Millie was one of the food sponsors. Her ube and chocolate ensaymadas are the best!  Check out the photos below and see how much fun we had!

Viviene giving a background of how the LadyBoss meetup started.

March Vargas, Viviene’s sister, Singer/Speaker/Host and co-founder of The Serenade Society, shared the origin story of the candy cane.

Aisha Vidal, co-owner and social media manager of South Snippets, hosting a South trivia game with Viviene.

The LadyBoss of Life Gear PH presented the Bosai Zukin, a padded protective head gear with pockets for a few essentials.
Neutra Organics, maker of natural and organic makeup and skin care products

Hoping to join the next LadyBoss meetup and present my own business and passion project!