“Being is a matter of doing.” When I read this statement on Mashable for the second time, I was so struck that I was compelled to act on it. I said the “second time” because when I first read it a couple of years ago, I was still active in writing. When I came across it again, I just can’t get that message out of my mind anymore. I can’t call myself a writer if I don’t even tend to my blog anymore. Naman! My last entry prior to this one was a two-sentence post and it came months after the previous one! I have already ran out of valid excuses and that Mashable thing became a catalyst for me to kick myself and write something. Never mind if it’s a short one. When an inspiration or a thought strikes, I should put it into writing. I have my phone and my iPad with me most of the time and I can certainly use them to jot down notes.

I’ve been wanting to get writing gigs again, but I have yet to find one. May kahirapan! Then it dawned on me: if I am a client, I would prefer someone who writes on a regular basis rather than someone who writes sporadically. Definitely. My portfolio of writing assignments don’t seem to help me make the cut because those were published years ago. Added to the fact that my blog has posts that are written a bit far in between.

Speaking of irregular posts, it defeats the main goal of this blog to share bits and pieces of my life to my child when he is big enough to read and comprehend write-ups such as this one. And because of this, I will strive to have at least one post a day. It will be a good training (read: discipline) for me and a labor of love for my son 🙂 I just hope and pray that I can commit to it.