Big Bad Wolf PH Online Book Sale

Big Bad Wolf Book Sale

My family and I have been going to the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale ever since BookXcess, the company behind this highly anticipated event, started conducting annual book fairs here in the Philippines in 2018. When COVID-19 hit the whole world and cast the pandemic, massive annual events such as the Big Bad Wolf were naturally put to a halt. It was a huge surprise for fans and book lovers like me that for this year, the people behind BBW decided to bring their PH book fair online and it starts tomorrow, June 30, 2021. Hooray!!!

When they started making teaser posts on their Facebook page (see below) PH fans waited with bated breath (I can just imagine!) for more details as to how it is going to be managed this 2021. In the previous years, BBW used to do it at different schedules on selected locations here in the Philippines. But this 2021, followers were so glad and extremely excited, that Big Bad Wolf PH will be done online!

As indicated on their FB page, a sign-up at their exclusive portal is required in order to peruse and purchase from their vast selection of titles which are priced at amazingly low prices – up to 99% off! We’re very excited to browse through their 60,000 book titles which will be a great addition to our growing library of homeschool, reference, activity and, leisure reading books.

Like what we did in the previous years, my family and I have already strategized for this huge book fair by making a list and screenshots of the books that we’d like to buy then narrowed them down to what our budget can accommodate. We’re trying our best to practice self-control and be better stewards of our finances 😉

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale made available for everyone here in the Philippines will take place from June 30 to July 7 only. Hurry up and sign up now! Let’s go, Wolfies!

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