I was on an unscheduled leave last Friday. My Dad has to go to the province and my Mom couldn’t handle 2 kids and a baby. I have an instant long weekend! My husband had to go to work so it’s just me and my adorable baby.

That Friday was a lot different from all the days that I spent alone with my baby. I had a great time and I could tell that he did, too. I was able to fulfill my mommy duties and the chores on time. I have bathe Louiji earlier than we do on weekends. He had more milk milk (what we call our breastfeeding sessions) and enjoyed longer naps. I was able to cook a decent meal for myself and marinate pork for dinner. I managed to squeeze in a little time for crafting. I was able to take a bath minus the rush. My biggest achievement that day was eating lunch together with my baby boy on time. He had the biggest smile while eating carrots from his own bowl on his booster seat. When he was finished with his bowl, I just gave him a toy so he won’t get bored in his seat while waiting for me to finish my food. After that, we went upstairs to have milk milk and take a nap. Actually, it was less than forty winks for me because I want to get more things done.

When my Mr Pogi was off to dreamland, I carefully got up from our bed and did more chores. I was able to tick a lot on my imaginary to-do list! I slowly crept back to the bedroom and saw that Louiji is already awake but, he didn’t cry. I clapped, clapped and commended my baby for being good and brave and for waiting for mommy to come back. After which, he whimpered to ask for milk.

We went downstairs to watch movies on our TV while I have my merienda. We finished Up then I started on Olympus. Found it boring so I just switched to Date Night (which I have already watched a million times with my husband). We were not that glued to the TV because we played with each other while I sang nursery rhymes for him. We also had milk milk sessions in between.

It was getting late and hubby would be home in a while. I needed to put my baby down so I can cook. He wouldn’t last that long in the crib even though he was sound asleep before I leave him. I think he knew that it’s night time and he doesn’t want to be left alone. He could really sense when I was several steps away from him. And when he did, he wailed. I came rushing to pick him up. I saw tears from corners of his eyes. He really cried. Hindi iyak-iyakan lang. Kawawa 🙁 I stopped Date Night and played Despicable Me instead. It’s my son’s favorite! He kind of calmed down while we watched it.

That day, I had my son all to myself for several hours. It’s just me and him and our household chores. I really enjoyed that day. If only I can stay at home to take care of my little one while having a fab work-from-home job and/or a thriving business! That way, I wouldn’t miss him and I’d be there for each and every milestone that he will make. I pray that someday, I hope soon, we will get to that.