This is an uber late post. Something went terribly wrong with the WP iPad app that I’m using. Finally, here it is!

We had a long day last October 20 but it was still relaxing and fun-filled.

Our day started with my routinary CBC (for monitoring my hemoglobin count) and the required oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT). We spent about three hours at the HP Diagnostics lab. That’s because there were several patients when we came in early that morning and OGTT takes a while to be completed. Thanks to everyone who prayed for me. The results are normal and my hemoglobin count has already increased 🙂

A little past 10AM, we were on the road for our car’s break in. Hubby named our car Levi. Take a look at the photo below and you will guess why he gave him that name 😉


Since we were already late for the Sta Rosa and Tagaytay trip, we opted to have drive-thru Jollibee breakfast on the road. Traffic was a bit slow as we were getting near Paseo de Sta Rosa. We can feel the heat of the afternoon sun on our knees and arms as we drive along. By lunch time, we were already in Paseo and we scoured the outlet stores in my hubby’s search for a new pair of shoes. Sadly, the kind that he really liked was out of stock so we left Paseo and headed to Tagaytay.

Our first stop was at the Bag of Beans (BOB) . This is where we dined during our first year anniversary as a couple and when we came back with friends and hubby’s Kuya. Back then, they only have the one in Mendez. Now, they have a branch right after the rotonda.


Since we were both hungry, we ordered big breakfast meals. I ordered chicken and pork adobo while he had tocino. Both were served with two sunny side ups and side salad.



We’re both satisfied with what ate. After that, we checked out the adjacent Rowena’s pasalubong store and bought Sylvanas. We decided to buy the rest of our pasalubong loot at the market and the fruit stands.

We were able to test our car’s capacity en route to Tagaytay and back. We were able to drive at different speeds and varying traffic and road conditions. It’s been a long day but fulfilling and fun nevertheless.