Comfort for My Feet

I’m a sandals and ballet flats kind of woman. They’re the easiest to slip on and my feet look chic (to me, at least) when I wear them. Well, actually, I wear sandals when I have freshly pedicured and decent looking nails to show off. If not, I’d put on that trusty pair of flats and match it with just about any outfit that I’m in.

Ever since I became a Mom, I made sandals and ballet flats an essential part of my Mommy Wardrobe. I used to have a penchant for high heels and wedges before I got pregnant. I feel tall and sexy wearing them. I just don’t see the practicality of being in these tower footwear anymore when I have to be around with my two-year-old. And I love being with him every single time! There’s no way that I can run around with him and carry him while I’m in heels.

They say that, “A woman can never have too many shoes”. I’d say, they’re right. Just because I have to prioritize comfort, it doesn’t mean that I would have to settle for a limited type of footwear. Of course not! Aside from sandals and flats, I have also incorporated sneakers into my Mommy uniform. I have a blue and white polka dotted sneakers by KEDS. I got it from the Noel Bazaar a couple of years ago. It’s the most comfortable sneakers that I have ever worn in my entire life. I never had blisters and cramps whenever I have this pair on. It goes well with the majority of what I have in my closet, too.

These days, I see more and more ladies experimenting with their sneakers as they wear them with dresses and skirts of just about any type. I am contemplating of adapting that kind of style, too. I don’t get to shop for myself that often so it delights me to do window shopping online. I was so excited to see sneakers in varying styles. I have discovered that the Marketplace offers free shipping on sneakers for women. I’ve done a lot of online shopping and free shipping is certainly a big deal for me. I have my eyes on that locally made pair of low cut sneakers. I hope that I could get it for my birthday 🙂

How about you? Do you have that one footwear that you wouldn’t trade for any type of shoes?