Courtesy for Pedestrians

Drivers here are in the Philippines ranked low when in comes to pedestrian courtesy. That’s true for for those who drive public or private vehicles regardless of the location.

Case in point: I am 7 months pregnant (which makes my big tummy very hard not to notice) and I just crossed the intersection from the Mind Museum to the parking lot. The pedestrian crossing started its countdown but 5 vehicles, big and small, private and public still made their way on my path and did not allow me to cross even if the light clearly indicated that it’s my time to do so. I just shook my head in disapproval. Imagine that I am already in BGC with plenty of traffic lights and yet drivers still do not have the courtesy for pedestrians crossing the street!! Paano na lang ang mga matatanda at batang tumatawid?!

This experience reminded me of our short trip to Singapore. Drivers in that country really have concern for pedestrians. The moment you step on the pedxing, they would automatically stop. They would do that at any time. They may be driving a Lamborghini or a bus, but they would always let you pass. I wish it’s the same here *sigh*