We are determined to eat homecooked meals more often so when we came home one night and found out that the chicken that we’ve wanting to cooked were still frozen, I quickly scoured our freezer and storage for something that’s easy to prepare. It was a bit late already and we were both tired and starving. Fastfood delivery was not an option at that time. So, I took out the frozen leftover mixed veggies, butter and Spam (chopped two slices into bits) and combined them with a bowl of pandan rice which I cooked earlier. After that, I fried the remaining slices of Spam. I then re-heated our leftover pinakbet, which I cooked the day before, and served dinner for me and my equally famished hubby.


Prep time (including cooking steamed pandan rice): 30 minutes.

Result: Busog lusog minus the pagod 🙂