DIY: Washi Savings Jar

I was so happy the other night because I was able to do a quick crafting project before bedtime. It was so easy but pretty nonetheless that I just needed a few minutes to put it together. I did it after our habitual story time with our baby when he wanted to be left alone to play on his own.
Washi Savings Jar - Front

Washified Travel Fund Jar

Washi Savings Jar - Back

Saving up for HK

Without further ado, I present to you, our Washi Savings Jar! I labelled it Travel Fund on one side and HK on the other. We are saving up for our HK trip and what better way to do it than to drop peso bills in this jar ala Carl and Ellie in the movie, Up!
Here’s the list of materials that I used and the steps on how I transformed this lowly jar.
Materials: Empty coffee jar, colored paper and washi tape (bought mine at HeyKessy)
Step 1: Soak the coffee jar in a bowl of water for abt an hour on each side. This will make it easier to remove the labels and do away with the stickiness the comes with them.
Step 2: Cut out letters on colored papers for your label. I did mine freestyle. You may opt to draw the letters with pencil as guide for cutting.
Step 3: Pull a short length of washi tape and carefully stick the top parts ย of letters on their reverse/back side.
Step 4: Cut the washi tape, with the letters attached to it, according to the width of the jar. Add another pull of washi tape on the bottom part of your letters.
Step 5: Repeat Step 4 as needed.