October was a pretty busy month for me. It was a month full of birthday celebrations and special events. One of them was the Doña Elena World Pasta Month that I went to with my sister and our kids. The Doña Elena World Pasta Month was a success with their partnership with several media outlets including our group Mommy Bloggers Philippines.


Mommy Bloggers at the Al Dente Pasta Festa

Mommy Bloggers at the Al Dente Pasta Festa


The great setup of the stage for the cook-off

The great setup of the stage for the cook-off


Al Dente Pasta Festa Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

Ribbon-cutting ceremony with the Italian Embassy Deputy Consul Mr. Fabio Furlotti and the executives of Fly Ace Corp.

When we got there, the atrium of the Mall of Asia was already jampacked with pasta lovers, most of them came with their families. The venue, which was set up to look like an Italian food fair, had several pocket activities that featured products from Al Dente, Fly Ace Corporation and from the other partner brands.  Jho and I tried to line up to have our share of the Pasta Alla Carbonara and Tomato Basil Penne Al Dente pasta meal but we decided against it for the queue was too long. We just went around and visited the other booths.

Al Dente Pasta

That little cutie in the photo above is my constant event buddy! He was in a very good mood all through the day and even said hi to the lady at the Corelle booth. Behind him are shelves of Al Dente pasta and Doña Elena products. I’ve been using the Al Dente fettuccine, penne rigate and lasagna as well the Doña Elena whole peeled tomatoes to prepare sumptuous meals for my family. I love that Al Dente pasta are easier to cook (no need to add oil!), are firm to the bite and absorbs sauces well. Check out the next three photos to find out how these 100% durum wheat semolina pasta are being made.

How is pasta made?

How is pasta made? Step 2

How is pasta made? Step 3

Masflex was one of the brands at the festa. The brand showcased their selection of cookware and knives.

Masflex Non-Stick Pans

I’d love to have that frying pan from the Masflex Marble Series. I’m sure that it will take cooking to a new level. They look quite heavy, though.

Masflex Marble Pan

Masflex Cookware and Knives

Tecnogas, an Italian manufacturer of home cooking applicances, exhibited their top-of-the-line cookers and ovens. Someday, I would have my brand new cooker and oven 🙂

Tecnogas Gas Range

Gloria Jean’s was also there and treated guests to a cup of freshly brewed coffee. This coffee shop brings fond memories for it is where I use to hang out with my longtime buddies and it has also become a date place for me and my hubby.

Did you know that May is really a sparkling juice and not wine? But it tastes like wine! Hubby and I have been enjoying the 100% Sparkling Red Grape Juice on several ocassions long before I got acquainted with Fly Ace and their products. It’s perfect for breastfeeding moms like me who wanted to enjoy down time with the hubby without compromising the milk that I give to our (big) baby 🙂 I had a sample of the White Grape variety and it tastes sweeter than the red one.

Corelle is a prime brand of dinnerware that has been around for quite some time already. We’ve been using Corelle plates at home, hand-me-downs from my mother-in-law, and they are really very durable and elegant. For that, I use our Corelle plates to add style to my food photos 🙂 I’d love to have my own set of Corelle plates in the future. Will definitely include that in my prayer list!

Corelle Dinnerware

I’m looking forward to attending the Al Dente Pasta Festa next year and hope that I can finish it until the end. I was not able to stay longer and witness the cook-off for it was almost nap time already. I try to avoid triggering crankiness when we’re out and Daddy is not with us. I’m sure everyone had a lovely time at the festa, too! Have you been there, too? Please share your experience at the comments below 🙂