Louiji turned 20 months old last September 14 and it felt really special because it coincided with our first ever out-of-the-country family vacation 🙂 These are two milestones that we are so blessed to have achieved. Our trip to Japan is one of our faith goals for 2014 and we have been praying for it for the longest time. On the other hand, Louiji’s monthsaries are events that we always look forward to each month.


As parents, we are very happy to have witnessed the following:

  • Louiji knew when a book is upside down. One time, he flipped a book in its proper orientation before he gave it to me and asked me to read it to him.
  • Louiji began to love dancing. Before, he would only dance while watching his favorite TV shows and movies and whenever we sing to him. Now, seeing an object that would remind him of those tunes will make him turn round and round and dance with his arms.
  • Louiji loved eating Daddy’s pork belly and baguio beans recipe. My husband was so happy to see that all his efforts from slaving in the kitchen that day was highly appreciated by our little prince.
  • Louiji ate his very first French toast. It’s that one breakfast recipe that I’m willing to cook and eat each morning.
  • Whenever we go to the bathroom to wash his bum after he does a # 2, I would ask, “O Louiji, pano pwesto natin pag wash ng petpet?” He would get into position right away! That task used to be a struggle for both of us and it made my back hurt. So happy and proud that my toddler and I have finally gotten over that challenge!
  • Our baby boy ate my first beef and brocolli! It was worth the hours of cooking the beef until it’s very tender for Louiji to eat.
  • Louiji has fewer tantrums and he now knows how to obey Mommy! Praise God!!!
  • Louiji’s anxiety towards other people has decreased significantly. He has become comfortable hugging and kissing our relatives from my husband’s side of the family and even our friends from church!
  • Louiji was able to recognize little details on his books. In his “Nighty Night” book, he was able to notice that Cookie Monster had his hands together as if he was praying. Louiji pointed that out and imitated it. On his book, “We Love Greendale”, he pointed at the tiny cows. I then said, “The cow says mooo” repeatedly. After a while, he made the same sound! Also, in the book “I Am a Monster”, he imitated me when I acted out “I am strong” and he insisted that we do it again and again 🙂
  • I forgot to note in the last couple of months that Louiji calls out to all animals that he would see whether alive, in pictures or as toys. He would stretch out his right hand and twist his thumb with his pointer and middle finger to call on that animal.
  • Whenever I would sing the song “Here I am to Worship”, Louiji would automatically raise his hand when he hears the word “worship.”
  • Louiji recognizes the photo of a duck in his photo album, points at it and makes sounds that sound like “duck, duck, duck” or a quacking sound. On the same page, he would point at the ball repeatedly and he would stretch out his arms as if he is about to catch a ball.

I am excited to see our little boy’s milestones for this month! I’m sure that God will surprise us in the best way with more progress in our son’s  learning and development 🙂