Family Bonding with Puzzles

My husband came home tonight bearing gifts for our kids! He was able to dropped by at Ogalala World (in Ayala 30th) and found educational toys at amazing deals. He bought a National Geographic Kids Super 3D Puzzles for only Php300 that made our dinosaur enthusiast so happy that he opened  the box and and got started with the Archaeopteryx puzzle at once.

For our little girl, he got two boxes of The Learning Journey’s See & Say Flash Cards for only Php50 each set. In her excitement, our daughter ripped the boxes apart just so she could see what’s inside. It’s a joy to see her looked at each of the cards, picked the ones that she already knew and showed them to us while saying — mostly babbling — the words on the cards. These flash cards are great additions for our homeschool learning tools. I can also use it for games to make learning more fun and interactive for my kids.

Since I also like puzzles and find comfort in putting pieces together whenever I feel overwhelmed, I gladly joined my son when he asked for help. It may look easy to assemble but because it is on 3D, it was a bit tricky. Soon it became a family affair with his Dad and sister helping out identifying where each part fits. We didn’t stop until we have a complete 3D image of the Archaeopteryx! We felt fulfilled with what we have accomplished.


I think we’re bringing back our weekly family game night! Solving puzzles and playing with flash cards would be part of them.

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