Our little man turned 15 months last April 14. And he gave us a surprise that made us so delighted. He walked independently at a greater distance without any coaching or any form of assistance from Mommy and Daddy. He did it for several times while playing around the house! It was such a big and wonderful milestone! We are so proud of our little boy!

Louiji and His Muffin

Louiji was looking at Mommy while she was singing Happy Monthsary

When our boy turned a year old last January, I told myself that celebrations would then be made every year instead of every month. Guess what? I broke  my own promise! I can’t help it. I couldn’t help but celebrate each month and look at what he has achieved and how much he has grown. I just hope that he would not grow up too fast. I pray that his Daddy and I will always be with him to savor every little bit of triumph that he gets.

With every bit of achievement that he gets, I make an effort to document it in my phone. I would take photos or a video. I would also record it in my calendar. Sometimes, I don’t get to capture anything at all. I would just look at our son, be mesmerized and just be in that precious moment. Each time, I would feel proud, happy and thankful to God for enabling Louiji to reach such milestones in his growing years.

Now that we have a little walker, I appreciate the house that we live in all the more. Our toddler gets to walk a lot in a wider space, getting curious of what’s in each corner and room of the house. My husband and I have made some adjustments in our home once again to make it more conducive and safe for Louiji to move around. We get tired at times running after our spirited toddler but we are all good. He is being more mobile now and it is such a great blessing from the Lord. After all, we could use a little exercise.

To our dear baby Louiji, have a fantastic 15th month! We love you so much!