Free From That Nasty Cold at Last!

As I type this, my baby is sleeping soundly. He is free from that nasty cold at last! No more runny nose that makes playing and eating uncomfortable. No more wrestling matches whenever I try to clean his stuffy nose in the morning. Best of all, he can feed on my milk without difficulty in breathing. Thank God that my child has recovered from that bug in a week!

I’d like to share to you how I managed to help my baby boy during that cold spell.

  • Proper medication – As soon as I have confirmed that it really is a cold that he was having, I gave him the medicine that was previously prescribed by his pedia.
  • Frequent breastfeeding – Because he didn’t feel well and eating and swallowing solids were difficult, I offer him my breastmilk as often as I can.
  • Elevate head –  During those days, I make it a point to breastfeed him on a sitting position so I could elevate his head and help him breathe comfortably. While sleeping, I would also put a pillow under his head and shoulder.
  • Citrus nibbles – I would give him a small piece of citrus fruits that I ate.
  • Gently squeeze his nose – This was during bath time whenever I rinse soap from his face. I would quickly and gently squeeze his nose to let the mucus out.
  • Back massage – A couple of times after giving him a warm bath, I would massage his back with lotion to soothe him and make him feel better.
  • Water therapy – My boy is not fond of drinking water which made it more challenging for us. To encourage him to consume water, we would drink from our own glass at the same time that we offer him his sippy cup. Sometimes, it worked. Other times, it didn’t. Still, we gave him water as often as we can.
  • Mommy’s healthier diet – Since my baby won’t drink that much water, I just increased my own water intake. I also ate more fruits, drank plenty of juice and ate yogurt because I know that I can eventually pass on these nutrients to my baby. It helped a lot for both of us to get well.

I hope that your little ones won’t get sick. But, if they do, you may want to do what I just did for my darling baby.

May all of us be in good health always! 🙂