I hope you guys are not eating as you read this post. I’ve been having this bad sipon since Sunday which eventually led to a bad cough. My baby has been coughing since Saturday. He was having a runny nose the next day which made him teary eyed and lethargic the whole day. My poor baby! Thank God that he is getting better as days go by. Thanks to the cold medication and our constant prayers. I, on the other hand, decided not to take any of the over-the-counter cold medications as they could have adverse effects on my milk flow.

What’s an ailing breastfeeding mom got to do? Well, I just have to resort to every natural cold remedy that I can get access to. Here’s what I’ve been taking and doing since I got this bad, bad sipon:

  • Last Sunday, I had 2 cups of hot green tea with honey. This used to work on me right away. That day, it didn’t!
  • Finished that leftover serving of fruit cocktail from the ref.
  • Drink gallons of water.
  • Drink hot calamansi juice with honey.
  • Eat oranges. This became my favorite fruit!
  • Rub Vicks vapor rub on and under my nostrils. Applied some on my throat yesterday to relieve the itchiness.
  • Steam inhalation with a dollop of Vicks on the steamer to relieve my clogged nose. One time, my baby joined me for a while to give comfort to his own stuffy nose.

I have used up plenty of tissue rolls already! I pray to get rid of this nasty cold asap!

Do you have that super effective and natural cold remedy? Please do share in the comments. Thanks!