Go for MunchPunch!

I’ve been using MunchPunch for as long as I can remember. I’ve been using it to check out the menu of a restaurant that I’d like to dine in to, know about the price range of items in a menu, get a restaurant’s or a food shop’s contact number, and find out which dining establishments are located in my preferred area. I have shared MunchPunch pages to friends and family a lot of times to recommend a number of restaurants that are worth checking out. This is how dependent (in a good way 🙂 ) I have become to MunchPunch! I have checked out other food menu guides but they are no match for MunchPunch! 🙂

When a chance came for me to avail of the free MunchPunch VIP membership for an extended amount of time, I grabbed the opportunity immediately. I so love freebies and I like sharing them with my loved ones. Anyone can be a VIP Member of MunchPunch. Here are the easy peasy steps:

1. Go to www.munchpunch.com and start with the registration through the Start my VIP Membership button. Follow the related steps.

MunchPunch VIP

2. Browse through the VIP menu from various restaurants and take your pick.

VIP Menu


MunchPunch VIP HowToEnjoy MunchPunch VIP

Isn’t that simple? Go ahead and experience being a VIP 😉

Take note that VIP items are available for a limited time only. Our favorite food spots feature other items from their menu after a few days.