Thank you Lord for giving me a super blessed 2013. It has been a year full of provision, opportunities and many intangible blessings.

Before I draw my wish list for 2014, I’d like to look back at what God has blessed me with in 2013. Please note that these are not arranged chronologically. I write the things the come to my mind.

  • Giving birth to a healthy and adorable baby boy in a hospital with excellent facilities and services with good and dedicated doctors and nursing staff.
  • Ability to recuperate quickly from caesarian section.
  • Ability to breastfeed my baby. We had very minimal problems with latching and feeding. He is 11 months old already and we are still breastfeeding. Praise God for that!
  • Dedicating our baby when he was still 5 months old. My family was in complete attendance and we are in a nice place with good food and the presence of most of our relatives and well meaning friends.
  • Rekindling my passion with crafts and the ability to pursue it. I have a very supportive husband who appreciates what I do while being honest enough to give a critique of my output.
  • Winning in 3 blog contests. I won from giveaways from, Go! Jackie Go, and Topaz Mommy . I was so thrilled to have won in these contests because I have been reading their blogs for quite a while. Talking to them (thru email) about claiming my prizes made me feel like we are having connection. I think it’s just me in fan girl mode 🙂
  • Having the opportunity to stay at home to be a full time mom. I am blessed to have a husband who allowed me to do so. Though I had been wishing to be with Louiji all the time while earning online, this was not in our near future plans. I quit my job out of an urgent necessity. Since then, I never looked back. After Louiji’s first birthday, I will spend more time tending to my blog, look for writing gigs, and a work-from-home job.
  • No one in our family got seriously sick amid all the viruses that plagued 2013. Louiji has had colds but it didn’t came with fever and he had recuperated quickly. He had fever once but it left his body in less than 24 hours. Praise God for our good health!
  • Provision for all of Louiji’s vaccines. The Lord is so faithful to us that we didn’t have to worry of where to get money for our baby’s immunizations.
  • Being able to move in to a more spacious apartment with a garage and a veranda. It may be an old house but we are now more comfortable at home not having to deal with limited space. This is just perfect for a growing baby 🙂
  • Having a very considerate boss when I was still working in my previous company. She allowed me to take unscheduled day offs so I can attend to my baby’s needs. I pray that God will bless her with her own baby.
  • Having a designated room at work, when I was still an employee, so I can express milk that I can take home for my baby. They have a very nice ref too, which served well for my milk storage.
  • Living in the same area as my family. It became so handy during an emergency. Also, my Dad is just a block away whenever we need minor repairs in our house. My father is so good at that. What’s best is that we still get to enjoy my parents’ cooking (they are good cooks) and we get them hot 🙂
  • Having friends who are new parents, too. Though we have our own family as a source of parenting wisdom, we value friends who are like our classmates taking up the same course. We have them to compare notes and trade new tips and tricks.
  • Having DSL connection and a landline phone. We got these in preparation for my work-from-home job and the online business that we plan to set up. The internet connection is especially helpful because I can read more and publish more posts without having to rely on hotspot connection from my husband’s phone.
  • Being safe all year round while traveling/riding in our car.
  • Having more furniture at a fraction of the cost. I am truly blessed to have a father whose passion is to make things. He built us a utility table, my work desk and our center table. All our from things that he already have in their garage. We just gave money for the materials that he used for the enhancements.
  • Provision for all of our expenses.

Thank you again Lord for your love, protection, kindness, faithfulness and provision. We pray that You will carry us through the next year. We are claiming for the fulfillment of Your promises in 2014.

Have a blessed new year everyone!!! 🙂