Happy 11th Month, Louiji!

Louiji's 11th Monthsary

Hello there, baby!

We just celebrated your 11th monthsary last December 14. I hope you liked our Captain America theme. You looked good in the Captain America bonnet that we bought at Greenhills. It goes well with your red shirt and the shield that I made for you. You have seen how Mommy did that because you were almost always with me whenever I resumed working on it. It’s not perfect but the way I saw you smile when you looked at it made all the effort so worth it!

This is also the day that you ate your first spaghetti noodles. Yay! You can now eat a wider variety of foods! I didn’t add sauce to your pasta, though. I worry that the creaminess of the carbonara sauce will be too much for your little tummy. Maybe you can eat that after your birthday. Also, this month, you had a taste of the sinigang cut! No sinigang flavor on it; just boiled. You had it with rice and though you haven’t eaten a lot, you’ve had enough. Despite your growing appetite for solid food, you still like Mommy’s milkmilk. We’re always praying that God will enable me to breastfeed you until you are 2 years old 🙂

At this month, you were also able to sit on your own without any help from me at all. I was so ecstatic when I saw you did that! Super happy that I had to tell Daddy right away who was equally proud as Mommy! Great job, little one! The day after that, you began clapping while watching the Mickey Mouse gang do their Mouseka dance! You just kept on clapping and smiling at the same time. One time you, after you woke up and I have just removed your diaper,  you propped yourself up on all fours, rocking back and forth. I was so amused to see you do that. Parang nagpapayabang 😀 Then, you smiled and peed on our bed! What a playful baby you are!

Daddy and I are so thankful to God for all the growth and development milestones that you have achieved. God is indeed faithful and He has surprised us with all of these.

We are so proud of every achievement that you’ve had. Let’s continue to pray and hope for more. We love you so much!

Lots of love,