Happy 8th Monthsary, Louiji!

Happy 8th Monthsary, Louiji!

Happy 8th Monthsary, Louiji!

To my dearest baby boy,

Praise God! You are now 8 months old. You are getting heavier and taller. Some say that you look payat. I say you’re not because you’ve been gaining weight over the months. You’re beginning to look  like me which I think is a big factor which makes you more guwapo 😉

Daddy and I are excited for the growth and development milestones that you will soon achieve. We can’t wait to see you sit on your own and crawl. Or maybe you might skip crawling. Whatever. We won’t pressure you to do things that you are not capable of doing yet. We know that you’ll get there. If anyone dares to do or say otherwise, your Mommy will put her foot down and tell them off. Your Daddy and I know you better than they do.

Daddy and I would like to tell you again how much we are proud of your recent developments. You now enjoy being with Lolo. You’re having fun playing with Daddy. You don’t cry when you wake up from your morning nap. You are eating more solids. You like seating in your booster seat. You enjoy flipping through the pages of your Bible.

Louiji, we enjoy every moment that we spend with you. You might be fussy at times, pee and poop on our shirt, we love you just the same. We hope that you will keep on smiling and laughing whenever Daddy and I take your pictures. We just want to have more baon. That’s our way of taking you with us to work. You don’t know how much we like looking at your photos and videos whenever you’re not with us. We miss you terribly when we’re not together.

Anak, please remember that you are God’s next best gift to us. Second to your Daddy and Mommy’s marriage. We love you sooo much! We pray for all the good things in your life. Daddy and I are praying that God will continue to bless us with good health and longer life so we can watch you grow, enjoy life and have a family of your own.

A million hugs and kisses,