Homemade Pastillas Rolled in Brown Sugar

I’ve been watching a local TV series titled Dream Dad recently and one episode inspired me to make our own homemade pastillas. I used this recipe as my guide. I didn’t follow the recipe exactly as indicated because I just used whatever we had on the fridge. Thus, the Homemade Pastillas Rolled in Brown Sugar.

Homemade Pastillas Rolled in Brown Sugar

I added Nips chocolates, too!

My output turned out great and was actually delicious according to my nephew and niece. My two-year-old and I feasted on these milky treats the night we made it. I had to exercise self-control to ensure that there’s more left for the following day 😀

I am planning to make another batch soon and use candy sprinkles instead of brown sugar. I’m sure that the kids will go crazy over these colorful and sweet treats!

Do you love pastillas, too?