Hooray! I’m 34! Proud and happy to be at this age. Blessed even! Let me share why I am so ecstatic to have turned a year old last March 28.

  • Except for that back pain that gets nasty once in a while, I am perfectly healthy. I can actually keep that back pain at bay by doing the prescribed core exercises. It’s a bit of a struggle but I keep pushing myself to exercise regularly because those core routines can also make my abs absolutely sexy, if only I can do it daily.
  • I may not be downright sexy but at least, I’m not flabby all over. My tummy is my only problem spot. I so want to get back to my pre-wedding abs!
  • Wrinkles? I only have a few lines under my eyes. Very thankful that there are only a few! I don’t use eye creams because they are too expensive. I know I should be using one especially at my age. Maybe I can convince myself to get one the next time I do my groceries.
  • My married life is pretty happy. It’s not perfect, though. I don’t think that there’s one. My husband and I have our share of rough times, but, praise God, we manage to surpass them each time. I have witnessed how God moves in our marriage. He is turning us into better individuals and continues to enrich our roles as husband and wife. I believe that God will bring us from glory to glory.
Happy 34th

Celebrated my 34th birthday at Vikings with my loving husband and our sweet little one

  • I am blessed to have an adorable, sweet and healthy toddler who never fails to brighten my day. He is one great ball of energy who can drive me into exhaustion at times but it’s fine because that is how he explores and learns about new things.  I always pray that he will grow up to be a godly man.
  • I am very blessed that I am still able to breastfeed my two-year-old son at this time. Saves us a lot of money! We don’t have to buy cans of formula milk and we don’t have to wash and sterilize feeding bottles. Whenever my son wants milk, he just comes to me and I breastfeed him. Anytime and anywhere. He usually asks for milkmilk whenever he’s about to take his nap and during bedtime. He would also nurse on me when he’s thirsty and prefers breastmilk over water.
  • We’re doing a bit of toddler homeschool at home and I’m happy that our little one is reaping its many benefits. I am glad that like his parents, he also loves books and he has a growing collection. He would grab a book at any time of the day and would ask us to read it to him. Sometimes, he would sit on his tiny chair, open a book and starts to babble as if he is reading the exact texts of the book. He is now familiar with the basic shapes. He has a fascination for animals. Also, little by little, he is able to hold a crayon or pen properly. I am just so glad that being a stay-at-home and soon-to-be work-at-home mom, I have the opportunity to homeschool our son.
  • My baking has progressed significantly. I am now able to bake cakes and cookies that everyone enjoys eating. 🙂
  • If you have been reading this blog for a long time, you would know that I was a corporate employee turned stay-at-home mom (SAHM) so I can take care and breastfeed my baby exclusively. I became a WAHM for three months when my son was a year old but had to quit after realizing that a job that requires me to log in and out each day is not ideal for our family life. It has brought added stress to me and led me to neglect some of my responsibilities to my hubby, our son and our home, which defeat the purpose of why I chose to stay at home. But, blessings come to those who wait and persevere! Through the group which Nadia of Nanay’s Trip (thanks a lot dear!) invited me to join, I was able to land a project which I can conveniently fulfill at home at any time. Though this is just a short-term gig, I am still very thankful to God because I know that this will open more doors of opportunities for me.
  • I am so thrilled that my blogging life is getting exciting this year. God has kept me motivated and he has given me inspiration and encouragement. He prompted me to put the gift that He has given me to good use. I’ve been writing frequently than I did last year. I am also able to attend events for bloggers where I can bring my family. I am very thankful for being able to participate in projects involving brands that I use and believe in and those that are worth giving a try. It is through these events that I get to meet new people whose interests and beliefs are the same as mine.

Gave our Pampers Baby Dry loot to his baby cousins; Pampers gifted us with Louiji’s portrait


Along with parenting tips, we were also able to take home these goodies from the Celebrity Mom and Huggies Playdate

Along with parenting tips, we were also able to take home these goodies from the Celebrity Mom and Huggies Playdate

There may be things that I have not included here but what I have shared in this post are truly worth celebrating. My birthday gave me a retrospect of how God has blessed me and how He continues to move in my life. I pray that all of us will always feel the same way as I do 🙂