Hooray for the 2023 World Read Aloud Day!

WRAD 2023 Poster
World Read Aloud Day - WRAD 2023

Today, February 1, 2023, let’s celebrate World Read Aloud Day!

Let’s celebrate the joy of reading aloud our favorite stories to our children. Lit World, a non-profit organization founded by literacy expert Pam Allyn, is the proponent of this wonderful event that celebrates and advocates reading aloud and children’s literacy. Since 2010, Lit World has been collaborating with writers and publishers and encourages readers and storytellers worldwide to keep the magic of reading alive for our children.

As a homeschooling family, we read a lot for our day-to-day lessons. But, we love reading in our free time as well. My son has a habit of picking up a book after his morning prayer. My five-year-old daughter is delighted to be able to read short sentences from stories on her own.

For this year’s World Read Aloud Day (WRAD), we have downloaded Lit World’s 2023 WRAD packet to kickstart our own celebration.

You can join in the fun, too! Here are ways you can celebrate WRAD in your family and community:

  • Let each of your children pick their cherished book – a storybook, chapter book, or even a wordless book.
  • Gather around – snuggles and pillows are welcome – for an enjoyable time of read-aloud.
  • For storytellers, be as animated as you can be to bring life to your stories, especially when reading to little ones.
  • You can also take turns reading aloud with older kids.
  • Have fun discussing the story with your readers, after the reading session. What’s their favorite part of the story? Who’s the character that they like?
  • Find your next read from pre-loved book shops like Readers Our Leaders.

Let World Read Aloud Day be the beginning of many delightful reading sessions with your children!

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  1. Let’s celebrate World Read Aloud Day! Happy Reading!!

  2. Books are the best!

    1. Yes, and they’re like treasures, too!

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