How My Friday Went From Better to Best

September 18, 2015. I had a good start on my Friday. It was our boyfriend-girlfriend anniversary and my husband and I woke up at almost the same time. We had breakfast together and I was happy that I finally got to recreate the same fluffy pancakes that I did long ago. The H genuinely liked it. My early morning efforts paid off!

When The H left for work, I managed to squeeze in a few minutes for a much needed stretching. Our toddler woke up a few seconds after my mini-exercise. I served breakfast in bed for him and I read stories to him while he was eating. I let him play afterwards while I follow him around with his sippy cup of fresh milk. Thinking that the my little one was content on playing, I got my laptop and began to work on a new blog post.

As soon as he saw me prop into bed, he went to my desk, pointed at the iPad and asked me if he could used it. I obliged just so he would also be busy while I’m doing my thing. I created a draft for my post on Word but when I was about to put it on WordPress, the CMS kept acting up. I have switched browsers and restarted my laptop, all to no avail. I was so upset because that glitch was causing a delay on our schedule. I even asked for my husband’s help but he can only do so much while he is at work. I went out of the room whining about my dilemma. I decided to pray about it and I suddenly remember the verse from John 10:10The thief only comes to steal, kill, and destroy. I have come that you may have life and have it to the full. I felt better after I have repeated it over and over. I won’t let the enemy steal my joy. We’re celebrating our special day and I won’t let that mishap ruin our happy mood.

John 10:10

My boy and I had late lunch, took a bath and had a nap. As I have promised him a couple of days ago, I took him out go biking. It looked like it was about to rain but we still went out and prayed that the skies would only be cloudy. And it was! We drove to the next block and asked my niece to go biking with us. My sweetie pie was so happy to go biking outside again. We went home a little after 6 and had another round of merienda. I have noticed that when I’m happy and excited, I would always sweep and mop the floor. So I did just that after we have eaten our snacks. Well, we’re about to have dinner in a few hours at my favorite Coco Hut and that made me giddy. By the time my husband got home, our son and I have already freshened up from a quick bath and were ready to go.

Coco Hut Menu

Soon, I will have hi-res photos for my posts and my dear readers will no longer see blurry pictures such as that of the Coco Hut menu above ๐Ÿ˜€ Moving on!

The Coco Hut is a cosy, 24-hourย restaurant situated in the Commercenter Shopping Mall in Alabang. We have discovered Coco Hut during one of our family dates when my husband had mistaken for Army Navy, the place that we were planning to go to that night.ย  Coco Hut is adjacent to Army Navy and have almost the same setup which justified The H’s error. He liked how Coco Hut is more spacious than it’s neighboring resto which made it toddler-friendly. I had my eyes on their Pinoy-themed menu. They even have my favorite veggie dishes –ย  Laing and Coco Langka!

Coco Hut Barbeque with Rice

Barbeque with Rice (Php175)

I told my husband that since it’s our anniversary, we can order more food. I wanted to celebrate by satisfying my enormous appetite, which surprises The H at times. Some people said that I have a big appetite because I breastfeed. They didn’t know that I eat like a man most of the time even when I was still single! For that night, The H had a very meaty and deliciously grilled Barbeque with Rice. Of course, he shared some with me and Louiji. The little boy, whom his Dad lovingly refer to as a fishtarian, had Crispy Fish Fillet (Php160) served with rice, coco squash and tartar sauce. He ate his meal with gusto! We are so glad that he is getting a better appetite during mealtimes. He didn’t like the coco squash so we finished it for him.

Longganisa with Rice (Php145)

Longganisa with Rice (Php145)

Being a fan of all-day breakfast meals, I ordered Longganisa (Php145) which was served with garlic rice, egg and atchara. It was delish!

Coco Langka (Php75)

Coco Langka (Php75)

We also had Coco Langka (Php75) which was perfectly cooked that I couldn’t stop sayingย Sarap!ย with every spoonful.

We keep on coming back to Coco Hut not only for it’s proximity. We love it for its freshly served and home-cooked meals, cosy ambiance, kid-friendly atmosphere (we often see families with little children) and impeccable customer service. The crew always serve diners with a smile and would anticipate our needs. They would offer a highchair and refill our cups even before we ask for these stuff.

After dinner, we crossed the street to get to McDo and have our favorite dessert – Banana Oreo McFlurry for me and the kiddie while The H got the McFlurry with Oreo Cookies. It was a sweet and lovely Friday ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope that you had a great Friday, too!