Instapatrol and Anti-Epal

Instapatrol was just launched formally last Friday but it has already piqued the interest of the Anti-Epal Movement to use the app to advance their campaign. As many of us know, the movement is geared towards calling the attention of politicians who shamelessly engage in self-promotion at the expense of the taxpayers’ money. With Instapatrol, more and more people can report about such misappropriations that several government officials are guilty of. Hopefully, these politicians would take down their posters as soon as the matter has been brought to their attention.

The news about Instapatrol and Anti-Epal’s partnership was featured in yesterday and on its broadsheet today.

Kwan Initiatives, the group behind this social responsibility app, is currently working on integrating the Anti-Epal button in both Anroid and iOs. So, the next time you see that poster with a huge photo and name of your councilor announcing his latest project, bring out your mobile phone and take a snap using Instapatrol.