Japan, Japan! Here We Come!

We just had the happiest news last Sunday. We are now eligible to travel to Japan!!! Wooohoooo!!! I was actually nervous and my hands were shaking a bit when I received our passports from the Japanese man at the travel agency. My husband, who was standing by the doorway at that time, said that he was waiting with bated breath for the outcome of our visa application. We both smiled widely when the Japanese showed me our passports and told me that all of us were granted with Japan visa! My husband and I were both giggling in excitement on our way out. Our Japan trip will really push through!

I’ve been doing a lot of preparations for our first ever out-of-the-country vacation. I’ve been saving up for this trip back when it was just a dream. I even made a washi savings jar to save up for our travel fund. The jar was labelled HK because the original plan was to go to Hongkong so we can take Louiji to Disneyland. Plans changed when my husband’s brother invited us to go visit him in Japan. We thought that since there is also a Disneyland in Tokyo, why not go there instead? That way, we get to fulfill our dream of having Louiji meet his favorite Disney character,  Mickey Mouse, and visit my brothers-in-law at the same time.

While we were still completing the requirements for the Japan visa, I have already started making a list of what to bring for the trip. To make it easier for me to identify what to pack, I have listed stuff according to categories, used colored papers and taped them on the wall. I’ve been adding items to these lists every time I remember something. Seeing the list everyday will not only remind me of what to bring but it also helps me to formulate some sort of a strategy in terms of packing and making our load lighter. I need to take that into consideration because after our 4-hour flight, we will be taking a 90-minute train ride to my BIL’s place. That wouldn’t be fun if we are lugging heavy suitcases and an equally tired toddler.

Since the Japanese people are very much into their own language and we were told that few of them can understand and speak English, I have decided we need to learn how to speak their language even in a very basic and conversational manner. It’s a good thing that I have found *Bravolol from  the App Store. This is one, incredible app! It has different categories for any type of conversation that you would like to have. Go download it for yourself so you would know how amazing that app is. I hope that by the time we are in the Land of the Rising Sun, I get to speak with the locals using what I’ve learned from the Greetings and Shopping sections of the app 🙂

Learn to speak the Japanese language with Bravolol

Learn to speak the Japanese language with Bravolol

Sayoonara! I need to go back with the preps! 🙂


Learn Japanese Free – Phrases & Vocabulary for Travel, Study & Live in Japan – Bravolol Limited