Join the Summer Reading Camp

I’ve been a reader ever since I have learned how to pronounce the words written on printed matter. Growing up, my parents have nurtured my love for reading by giving me new and pre-loved books. I am also married to a man who is passionate about reading. It is only natural then to share our love for reading to our little boy. I’ve been reading to him when he was still in my womb. He is two years old now and not a day would pass without me reading a story to him. We are also glad that he has shown interests in books as he would always leaf through the pages of his favorite books and babble as if he is reading the exact text. When he is old enough, I would like to take him to read aloud events such as that of the Summer Reading Camp, an advocacy project of Lia Del Castillo’s DiksyonaryoAtbp. Read more from her PR below.

Summer Reading Camp 2015

Ready for another camping kind of day in the city, reading and listening to stories?

On its second year this summer, DIKSYONARYOATBP, a non-proft non-stock non-government organization will stage SUMMER READING CAMP in Manila (May 23) and Quezon City (May 30)!

There will be teepees set-up for the reading camp where kids can participate in any or all of the following:

READING CORNER –read all the books they want from DiksyonaryoAtbp’s mobile library

ART CORNER – unleash their inner artist by engaging in art activities related to stories read to them

STORYTELLING CORNER – listen as children’s stories come alive via The Storytelling Project team

Aside from participating in these events, parents/ children can also avail of books from National Bookstore on site, which they can donate for DiksyonaryoAtbp’s future projects or take home for themselves.

This event aims to rekindle and encourage a genuine love for reading in Filipino children, by spending one whole day doing reading related activities, ALL FOR FREE.

To register your child, please click HERE or click

The event is in partnership with The Storytelling Project, Pottly and Tubby, CanvasPH, National Bookstore and Mcdonalds.

For more inquiries, text us at 0917-5361783 or tweet us @diksyonaryoatbp.