Kite Flying and Night Market at SOMO Market

Kite Flying and Night Market

Unplanned but turned out just fine. We went to the Kite Flying Grounds of SOMO Market at Daang Hari Road, Bacoor, Cavite.

We were on our way home from a birthday party when we found an alternative route to avoid traffic. It was a good thing that we made a detour – we were able to finally check out the night market that I’ve been wanting to visit since December last year. We were on our way to the parking lot when we discovered the Kite Flying Grounds. It was a good thing that we always keep our kite in the trunk of our car! We started flying our rainbow kite right away. We took out our soccer ball so we can also play ball. On site, there were plenty of families who were having a picnic right beside their cars. It was a big open space with a guard on duty. There’s a big signage that indicated that space is designated for kite flying and rules are specified on the board as well. Check out my IG reel below and see how much fun we had!

For those who don’t have kites yet, you can just buy one at the nearby night market. They have different designs like dragons, eagles, and rainbow-colored kites. We were with my brother-in-law’s family at that time and they were able to purchase their dragon kite for Php150. Their kite came with a water-repellant case. The seller also offered to assemble it for them.

When it was too dark to fly our kites and play ball, we all went to check out the night market. We were amazed at the crowd that were in that area. There’s a wide variety of goods being sold – clothes, shoes, pets and pet accessories, toys, handmade items, and all kinds of food. Most of the stuff are being sold at a very affordable price. There are even acoustic singers on designated spots serenading the crowd. They were also accepting song requests (and tips, too) from visitors.

The SOMO Market is the perfect spot to have a relaxing time for everyone. Though we had a challenge finding a table since most are occupied, we still had a great time. It’s an open space, well-lit, secured, breezy, and clean. In addition to trash bins, there’s also a group designated to collect trash within the dining area. This night market even have clean restrooms for guests to use for a fee of Php10.

Did I mention that SOMO night market has all kinds of food? Here’s a list of what we saw that night. The ones that have prices are the ones that we bought.

  • Ihaw-ihaw (Skewered grilled food) – I finally had my fill of isaw (chicken intestines) at Dada’s Grill! They were selling 3 sticks of isaw for Php100. You can also buy an assortment of their grilled meat (pork barbecue and hotdogs included) for Php100 (3 sticks). They also sell chicken on stick for Php100. They also sell steamed rice for Php20 per cup.

  • Nachos with shawarma toppings – We don’t remember exactly but it’s around Php130 to Php150 per serving.

  • Pasta with a slice of pizza – Php100

  • Chicken Biryani with rice – Php200 to Php250. Again, this is just an estimate of what we remember 😉

  • Red iced tea – Php70 for 1L.

  • Takoyaki – We bought 4 pieces of Ham and Cheese Takoyaki for Php60.

  • Tonkatsu Ramen, Shoyu Ramen

  • Bento meals

  • Onigiri

  • Scallops – Too bad we only saw this kiosk when we were done eating.

  • Popcorn and Scramble (crushed ice with milk and other flavorings)

  • Corn

  • Korean goodies

We’d love to go back here with our friends to fly our kites again and have a food trip. We’d like to try go karting there next time.

The SOMO Market is open on Fridays to Sundays. Fridays from 4PM to 10PM. Saturdays and Sundays 2PM to 10PM.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this! so informative, will include this in our itinerary when we go back to the Philippines!

    1. You’re welcome, Sis! See you when you get back 🙂

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