Popeye would be happy if he would know that we are eating his favorite leafy vegetable, too.

My husband and I are both determined to live a healthier lifestyle that includes eating a healthy and balanced diet and doing exercise. These are good habits that we must get used to in order for us to set a good example to our toddler. Being the wife, I am the one in charge of planning and cooking our meals. My idea of putting nutritious but yummy food on our table each time is to incorporate (or add more) veggies on our soup and main dish. I have already started on adding parsley on our pasta and pumpkin soup. This time, I am using spinach for our other dishes. I have added shredded spinach on our corned beef the other night.


Spinach is our leaf of the week


Corned Beef with Spinach

Shredded spinach leaves on corned beef (I promise to take better food photos next time!)


For yesterday’s lunch and dinner, I have added a quarter of a cup of shredded spinach leaves on our pork stew. This dish was actually a product of my kitchen adventures 🙂 I hope that my husband would like it 🙂

Pork Stew with Spinach

Pork Stew with Spinach


What about you? How are you making sure you eat healthy each day?