Last night, while driving on our way home, hubby  told me about a minor glitch in his workplace. He said that it’s tough to do difficult tasks that a teammate can’t execute while managing his own workload. I cheered him up and told him that it only means that he’s really good at what he’s doing that he could take on other people’s task. He argued that it’s not easy because he is working on two different platforms and that it’s hard to shift each time.

Today, at work, I have a new responsibility and part of that is to manage social media accounts which were previously handled by a colleague. I don’t mind taking on hand-me-downs but the ones that I got this time are really messy. Though I appreciate that my boss trusts me completely in doing whatever I want with my new project, I still feel frustrated that I had to clean-up a lot of areas. Hay!

Now, I know how you feel, Honey!

I need to get this off my mind. My baby can feel the stress already. I’ll just browse/read on a few inspiring, happy and creative blog sites before I resume with the clean up. That would make my mood sunny again!