Let’s Go Packing!

Now that I have finished all my deliverables to the client, I can now concentrate on packing for our Japan trip.  I’m so excited!! I actually look forward to this part of the trip. Sorry if I sound weird. But, I know there are some people who are thrilled with filling their suitcase with everything that they need for the trip. I know because I have read about it while searching for tips and tricks on what and how to pack especially now that we will be traveling with our little one. I have actually curated pins from Pinterest and put them all under the board titled Travelling with Baby.

If you would go over my pins on that board, you would notice that I have made it into a hodgepodge of pins about packing tricks, tips on flying with a baby and what to bring for a day trip on Disney World. The last part was actually our main agenda for our Japan trip and an item on our Bucket List 🙂

Bye for now! Must go packing!