Louiji is 19 Months Old Today!

Hooray for today! Our baby boy just turned 19 months old today. He is recovering from cough and colds, the virus that is so common these days that it has affected almost everyone in the family (including that of my parents). It’s a good thing that he didn’t get any fever and though his appetite is not as good as it was before he got sick, he still feeds voraciously on my breastmilk. I am super blessed that I can still breastfeed my baby at this time!

Louiji at 19th

As always, I have recorded his breakthroughs from the days leading to his 19th month. They are as follows:

• This is a very notable breakthrough for Louiji. He usually felt uneasy with his grandparents from his father’s side. But, when my in-laws came and stayed at our house for a day and we were with them all the way to Tagaytay and back, he became more comfortable with his grandparents around. He didn’t cry that much. In fact, he smiled more. He even played peek-a-boo with his grandpa.

• Louiji didn’t cry when relatives at wedding of my husband’s cousin greeted him. He willingly took the hand of every lolo, lola, tito, and tita who came by to say hi. He even had high fives with some of them. What a sociable baby!

• At the same wedding, Louiji ate a lot of healthy foods but I also gave him a few pieces of nachos. He also had his first brocolli that day 🙂

• Louiji keeps on rocking the Lettersaurus as if he wants to put it to sleep.

• While we were having Facetime with his Ninong Dave, Louiji kissed the iPad when Ninong’s face appeared closer on screen to say goodbye.

• Louiji shakes his head and makes appropriate gestures (the ones that we have taught him) when I recite the contents of his favorite book titled, “Do Donkeys Dance?” He does these even in the absence of the book!

• Louiji was able to take away malunggay leaves from the stalk. According to Tanang, he was able to produce 5 whole leaves! Good practice for his fine motor skills!

I’m so happy with my son’s accomplishments in every aspect of his development. He is becoming more and more mobile and independent as he grows and my husband and I need to keep up with him and do more babyproofing in our home. I also pray that God will grant us more patience, grace and wisdom as we strive to be the best parents to our dear Louiji.