Louiji’s First Advent Calendar

This year, I want to make our Christmas special because it is Louiji’s first Christmas. For that, I made an advent calendar where he can open a cute, little package each day. It was my first time to make one and it took a while for me to finish and set the whole thing up.
Louiji's first advent calendar captured in poor lighting. This was taken at daytime.

Louiji’s first advent calendar captured in poor lighting. This was taken at daytime.

After searching for inspiration all over the web, I gathered my supplies and collected the stuff that I would like to put in Louiji’s advent calendar. Special thanks to my husband who helped me collate the gifts šŸ™‚ I have also decided to put in letters from me and my husband on some of the pouches. It’s meaningful that way. There are things that money can’t buy.
For Louiji’s advent calendar, here are the materials that I have used:
  • Washi tapes from Hey Kessy, Bee Happy Crafts, small deco tapes from CD-R King (Php3.00/roll) and from the St James Bazaar. I forgot the individual prices of the others. Just click on the links to find out.
  • Kraft cartolina. Bought these from National Bookstore (Php6.25/roll) and SM Makati Stationery Section Php5.95/roll)
  • Scissors
  • Masking tape
  • Scotch tape
  • Red and neon green colored paper (SaveMore)
  • Construction paper
  • White yarn
First, I have wrapped each object in the smallest possible way. I have neatly folded and tucked each carefully inside the paper pouches that I have made out of kraft cartolina. I used scotch tape to seal every package.
I used washi tapes to decorate the wrapped packages. I used one design for each gift. I tried to seal some of the packages with washi tape and deco tape but was unsuccessful on binding the cartolina together. I think that these tapes are better on paper.
Washi Tapes
After wrapping our trinkets, I labelled each with a number from 1 to 24 corresponding to the number of days before Christmas. I sticked washi and deco tapes on every package to form a number. That’s when I have realized that washified fonts take patience and thoroughness to be made! It’s art in itself.
Then, I rolled masking tapes and placed them at the back of each gift so I can mount them on the wall.
After that, I cut out letters from red and neon green papers to spell out “Merry Christmas Louiji”. I used alternate colors for every letter. I cut the letters without tracing anything on paper. I find it easier to do the cutting plus it looks clean that way. That’s just me. You can find plenty of letter templates on the web to print out as your guide.
Green and Red Letter Cutouts

Green and red letter cutouts

After I have cut out every letter that I need, I used tiny strips of masking tape to stick them on white yarn. I placed the banner on the wall using small strips of masking tape.
The original and ideal plan is for Louiji to open one gift starting Dec 1. But, since I was only able to finish everything days after, our baby boy opened 5 gifts in one night. Booyeah! But he still enjoyed it šŸ™‚ My ever supportive husband was there behind me, literally, to cheer on me as I mount all the gifts on our wall and he took pictures as I go through it.
Don’t get frustrated when some of the gifts begin to fall off from the wall, like what happened to ours. Just put them back using a more adhesive tape šŸ˜‰
Merry Christmas!