It’s Saturday. A couple of hours before noon. I am enjoying my Me Time while the husband and our baby our asleep. I’ve said a prayer, read my Bible, browsed on my favorite websites and now typing a post as I enjoy my cup of latte and cookies.

Each one of us needs to have breaks like this. It may be brief, like a couple of hours only, but when you have it all to yourself, free from interruptions and worries, it can be really relaxing and rejuvenating. A sure way to recharge and look back at how my week was.

Me Time

Me Time nearby! Having breakfast in our bedroom on L’s play area.

I am having Me Time in our bedroom, sitting on Louiji’s play mat so I can be accessible to him when he asks for milk. This setup works for me because I can breastfeed him right away without the need for him to cry. That is way less stressful for me.