Finally! We’ve got our new TV mounted on our bedroom wall 🙂


The guys from Asercon, third-party supplier of Abensons for installations, came over to have our TV fixed on the wall. These guys were very efficient. They were able to mount our wide screen in less than 30 minutes and they left no dust or mess of any kind after. This was because they put a plastic bag at the bottom of every hole. As they drill, the dust fell into the bag.

When they were finished with the TV, my hubby asked them if they could also mount our wedding photo. Glad they agreed.


Hubby was so happy that he asked me to hurry with their merienda. I was so thankful that our TV and wedding frame were now off the floor. I made sure that the boys would eat before they leave. In case you’re wondering, I keep on referring to them as boys because they were younger than what I expected. They looked like they’re in their early twenties.