Who doesn’t get irked when what you’re looking for leads to a white and boring 404 error page? Some webmasters get creative by using illustration and witty Page Not Found statements to entertain their visitors and possibly, to encourage them to explore the other parts of their website. A non-profit organization decided to go beyond creativity by using 404 error pages for a good cause.

NotFound Project.jpg

NotFound.Org works in collaboration with Child Focus, FAMOUS and Missing Children Europe in retrieving missing children all over Europe. They invite website owners to use a poster of one of the missing children listed in their database in leiu of plain old 404 error pages.

I live far from Europe and knew not one of the missing children but I believe in the advocacy of NotFound.Org in reclaiming the future of these children.

To know more about this project, take the time to visit the websites of NotFound.Org and Missing Children Europe.