My baby is now 31 weeks and 1 day old. He’s growing bigger and heavier. As he does that, my uterus expands too and I can feel the pressure on my bladder. As a result, I need to make frequent trips to the bathroom even if I try to drink less liquid.

That’s a real hassle especially when we’re out but I take it as a good sign. It only means that our child is growing perfectly inside my womb. And because he’s really growing, he moves less frequently as he used to. He has less space to do his somersaults. I initially panicked about not feeling his movement first thing this morning. I’ve been praying, playing music and audio books just to feel his kicks again. When I got to the office, I opened my email and read’s weekly update and I have learned that since he is already approximately 41cm and 1.5kg already, he’s running out of space in my womb. Hubby and I are quite relieved! God is indeed taking care of our precious angel as he takes time to grow and develop inside my womb. That really made my day! 🙂

Happy Monday everyone!!!