It has been raining since yesterday afternoon. I never really liked rain but I now love how it keeps the ground and everything around it wet. For me, it’s an answered prayer.

I asked God for the rain when I got irked with cigarette smoke last Friday evening. For someone who has allergic rhinits and pregnant for 4 months, having a whiff of that really annoys me. And so I peeked through our window to see where it was coming from. I saw two men smoking in front of our house, near our bedroom window to where I was. I looked at them hoping that they would go away. The one standing just looked at me. Really annoying! So I slammed the windows shut.

I then told hubby to remind me to keep that area wet before we go to sleep to discourage incosiderate men from smoking on other people’s territory. I silently prayed for rain to pour in every night so I wouldn’t have to go out and do it.

I hope that it would be sunny during the day and rainy at night.