Saturdate at the Movie Stars Cafe

I just had a fun and tummy-filled dinner  with my family last Saturday. We were blessed to have been invited to dine at the Movie Stars Cafe.  If you are a movie buff, this movie and memorabilia studio located at the Seaside Blvd of the Mall Asia is your happy place.  Here you will find plenty of memorabilia from the most watched movies of all time. What’s best is that you get to have your picture taken with the popular movie characters such as Spiderman, Iron Man, Darth Vader, even Peter Pan! The place was so incredible! Words are not enough to describe it so I’ll show you what you are missing in our photos below.

Movie Stars Cafe - Facade

This is the facade of the restaurant where guests frequently have their photos taken. When we got there, groups were taking turns posing by this wall.

Movie Stars Cafe - King KongThis is one of the restaurant’s hard-to-miss landmark. King Kong bursting on the brick wall! My father was just too happy to have a photo op with this giant celebrity.

Movie Stars Cafe - Dining Area

Inside the Movie Stars Cafe, the dining area is set up like this. The cafe has comfortable chairs and couches which makes it cozy enough for guests to sit in them longer to enjoy a nice meal, a good movie, and an entertaining show.
Movie Stars Cafe - StageThe stage has a huge screen which plays movies or TV shows prior to the scheduled performances. I enjoyed watching The Voice UK when we were there.

Movie Stars Cafe - CosplayersJust before the show started, we had our picture taken with the performers. They are staff of the cafe dressed as superheroes and villains. Even the waiters and waitresses were in costumes, too.

Movie Stars Cafe - Signed Portraits

Behind the walls of the couches are signed portraits and posters of celebrities.

Movie Stars Cafe - Star Wars StormtrooperOne of the Stormtroopers from the movie Star Wars seem to be guarding the buffet spread.

Movie Stars Cafe - ShrekThis rough but friendly ogre, Shrek, is situated near the stage.

MovieStarsCafe_Freddy.jpgI look pa-tweetums here but really I was scared. I just need to put a brave front for my nephew who was getting afraid at the sight of the scary characters.

Movie Stars Cafe - BatmanI was hoping to see the Caped Crusader in the flesh but saw his statue instead. Not bad, though. This Batman statue will welcome you upon entering the restaurant.

Movie Stars Cafe - SpidermanWe had a babysitter that night and his name is Spiderman. This Spiderman-clad man is the friendliest among the cosplayers that night. He indulges the guests with requests to climb on top of the wall for a photo op.

Movie Stars Cafe - Iron Man.jpgI like this full-sized Iron Man statue better than one in costume. His suit is sleek, shiny and it gives that Tony Stark vibe (to me, at least).

Movie Stars Cafe - MenuDiners have the option to enjoy the Dino Buffet (Dinner or Midnight) or ala carte meals. Meals are good for 3 persons and they taste sooo good!

Movie Stars Cafe - Rising SunThis the Rising Sun, a Shoyu Chashu ramen served with egg and crab sticks. It’s a bit spicy. It’s one of my favorites.

Movie Stars Cafe - Red CarpetWe also ordered the Red Carpet. This is the cafe’s version of carbonara served with smoked bacon, asparagus and grilled herbed chicken fillet.

Movie Stars Cafe - Monroe's FavoriteWe also had Monroe’s Favorite which also became our favorite. It’s hard not to like this for it is made with sauteed shrimp, andouille sausage, chicken, onions, bell peppers in special Cajun spiced jambalaya sauce.

Movie Stars Cafe - El Grande PizzaMy husband and I planned to order this before we got to the Movie Stars Cafe and we were not disappointed. This 18″ thin-crust pizza is loaded with just the right amount of bacon, ham, pepperoni, sausages, chicken barbeque, peppers, onions, olives and fresh mozarella.

Movie Stars Cafe - Memory LaneI enjoyed this piece of cake called Memory Lane so much! It is a layered cheesecake with Toblerone and vanilla served with cream anglaise and strawberry syrup.

Movie Stars Cafe - Dessert BuffetI passed by the dessert section of the buffet on my way to the restroom. I then wanted to change my mind and have a Dino buffet instead.

Now that you have seen what my family and I have experienced at the Movie Stars Cafe, don’t you want to have kind of day, too? If your answer is yes, I’d be happy to share a coupon code with you that let’s you enjoy a 10% discount from your total bill. Before you order, tell the waiting staff that you will use my coupon code: IIMA-9887. You may want to save this coupon code on your mobile phone because the management will not accept just the website or blogger’s name. Remind the staff again when you bill out to make sure that you enjoy the 10% discount.

The Movie Stars Cafe is absolutely for the whole family. Why not take the whole fambam here soon?

Movie Stars Cafe 
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SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City
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