Super Blessed Monday

Our Monday started earlier than usual. We were so excited for this day because we expect to claim God’s promises. And God is faithful. He showed us how much He loved us.

After lunch, we took half the day off from work to have my congenital anomaly scan. For the past few days, we’ve been talking to our baby about our second date when we would know our little angel’s gender and condition inside my womb. I had a quick lunch on the way and finished eating (yes, mabagal ako kumain!) while settling the bill and schedule at the hospital. When our OB came, the nurse led us inside the room to begin with the ultrasound. My husband and I were so happy to see our baby again, all grown up and now looked like a human being already. Our first meeting was when our baby was only six weeks. Back then, baby was as tiny as a pea but the heartbeat was so strong and active. Yesterday, every aspect of our baby’s body was inspected and measured. Praise God that the brain, and every body part and organ is perfectly healthy and normal. Our OB actually had a hard time seeing our baby’s face and identifying the sex because our child is in breech position. I had to lie on each side (twisted was more like it), so Dra can get a better view and give an accurate observation. Finally, baby glanced at us. Dra made a quick note of the facial features. Baby also turned into the right position and revealed the gender. We have a baby boy! I wish I had my phone with me at that time so I could have snapped an image of hubby’s wide smile! He was so happy to have a son. But he assured me later on that he would be as excited had we had a daughter. Before leaving the OB-Gyne room, we talked to Dra about our next appointment and the next tests that I have to take. As soon as we got out, I asked hubby to take pictures of the film so we could share the good news to our relatives and friends online. We also took turns sending SMS to our family and some of our close friends. We then dropped by the mall to deliver the news personally to my parents-in-law. They were so happy because our baby boy is their first apo.


After a quick visit to hubby’s parents, we went straight to claim our next blessing. We commuted all the way to Alabang and talked to another sales agent about the specs of the car that we’ve been eyeing for some time and the inclusions that come with the package. We then asked for the account officers assigned to us to check the actual unit and settle everything that needs to be done. After about an hour and a few reminders from the account officers, we headed to my parents’ home in our own, brand new car. The rain started to pour in and we were a bit tensed. Driving a new car feels different. It was night time and the rain turned into a thunderstorm. God was truly with us because we reached my parents’ house safe and sound. We told the whole family about the day’s blessings, enjoyed adobo for dinner and played with the kids for a while before heading to our own home.

Before going to sleep, we thanked God for granting the desires of our hearts. He has fulfilled two things that we’ve prayed for in our faith goals at the start of the year. Sure we were not able to have a child and a car in an instant because God wanted us to get His best for us. He made sure that everything will be ready by the time we receive His blessings. Truly, with God, nothing is impossible.