There are times when I wish that I was a superhero. Sometimes I wish that I was Elastigirl aka Mrs Incredible so I can stretch my body as far and in any form possible and protect my little one all the time.  How convenient would it be if my hands and arms would reach him just in time to break his fall. It would be nice if I could get to his side and turn into some sort of object just to protect him from bumps. I wish that I have sharp and extra sensory powers just so I would know what my son needs each time.

Elastigirl aka Mrs Incredible

Elastigirl aka Mrs Incredible

Maybe I’m watching too many animated and superhero movies.

I feel bad about myself every time my toddler gets hurt. I get frustrated when I had a lapse of judgement or was not too quick to protect him from any kind of harm. Sometimes I feel that I’m a bad mom.

My hope and prayer at this point is that God will enable me to be a better mom to Louiji. I pray that He will bless me with wisdom, knowledge, strength, grace, patience and everything that I need to fulfill my role  as caretaker of the most wonderful blessing that He has brought into my life. Now, I think that it’s better than wishing that I’m a super mommy!


*Photo from The Disney Wiki