The Comfort That Babies Bring

Babies have an uncanny ability to comfort stressed adults. I have experienced these a couple of times in the past with my first nephew and niece. Without saying a word and without shedding a tear, they were able to sense that something’s bothering me. Each time, they would put their head close to mine and put their little arms around my neck. It was a sweet and loving gesture indeed!

Now that I’m pregnant with my first child, I am looking forward to have such moments with him. As young as he is, my baby can already feel when something is wrong with Mommy. He would squirm and squirm until I am calm. I would tell him that everything will be all right and I would stroke my belly so he would feel the comfort of my touch. That’s what I’ve read about intra-utero bonding. And it does work.

Babies are indeed blessings. They are the greatest gift to every woman and they mean the world to every mom.