The Marky’s Chicken Experience

Marky's Chicken

Recently, my husband and I had the pleasure of being invited to sample the menu of Marky’s Chicken from its newly opened branch in SaveMore Supermarket in Festival Mall, Alabang. Mitz Logarta-Leviste, a fellow Mommy Bloggers Philippines member, co-owns the business with her husband Mark. Now, you know where they got the name of their store 🙂

Marky's Chicken SaveMore Festival Mall

Dubbed as the “fried chicken ng bayan”, Marky’s Chicken, a family corporation, aims to sell to everyone who loves fried chicken. It’s a market where there are too many competitors but Mitz and Mark ventured in anyway because they said that “Chicken is high in supply and high in demand.” It’s true, indeed. Who doesn’t love friend chicken? It’s every kid’s favorite. Grown-ups are drawn to it. The current offerings of Marky’s Chicken are the result of their own research and development because they want to give  the most value-for-money fried chicken meal in the market. They have not stopped until they have achieved the perfect recipe for Marky’s.

Marky's Chicken - Fried Chicken and Soy Garlic Chicken

We have tasted the fried chicken and soy garlic varieties of Marky’s Chicken. They are available in Solo and Duo servings. They were cooked as you order and not reheated. It looks like you were just eating from your own kitchen.

Marky's Chicken - Soy Garlic Chicken

This is the Soy Garlic Duo Chicken served with rice. I love it because it has just the right amount of garlic bits on it so it won’t give a stench on your breath after. Their soy garlic chicken has the right combination of sweet and salty.

Marky's Chicken- Fried Chicken

This is Marky’s Fried Chicken Duo served with rice and gravy. They are crispy fried, well done and not smothered with too much breading. Once you take a bite, you sink your teeth right away on the chicken meat instead of munching on a thick layer of breading. Though, I think the gravy could use a little thickness to it. I would also suggest that the store provide a sturdier set of utensils to make it more convenient to eat their crispy fried chicken.

Marky's Chicken - Taste Test

Do I look excited to eat in the photo above? 🙂 We could have tried Marky’s chicken popcorn but we ran out of time. We will drop by soon to try it. We’ll take our nephew with us next time. That kid could eat fried chicken everyday. I’m sure he will love Marky’s Chicken.

If you happen to be in the South and you’re craving for fried or soy garlic chicken, visit Marky’s Chicken in any of their branches:

  • SaveMore Supermarket, Festival Mall, Alabang
  • Convergys, Northgate, Alabang
  • SM City Sucat Hypermarket

Here is Marky’s Chicken’s menu.

Menu (Available in Solo and Duo)                                                 
Fried Chicken with Rice and Gravy
Fried Chicken with Spaghetti
Soy Garlic Chicken with Rice
Chicken Pop Rice

Pampamilya Packs  (Available in Regular and Soy Garlic)                  
Quatro (4 pcs)
6 Pack (6 pcs)
Ocho (8 pcs)
10 Pack (10 pcs)
Dosena (12 pcs)

Snacks & Extras
Chicken Popcorn  (Available in snack, regular, medium and large packs)

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