The tiny Buds Organics Collection

This blog post is sponsored by tiny Buds. All opinions stated are mine.

tiny Buds has just released their baby clothing line which they aptly labeled as the tiny Buds Organics Collection. This collection is lovingly made from 100% organic cotton which makes it safe for baby’s delicate skin. Being organic, the manufacturing of this garment has a lesser impact on our environment.

Organic Cotton

I first got to know the tiny Buds brand when I gave birth to my firstborn. Part of the hospital’s goodie bag is the tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder. It’s a non-talc powder that is safe for babies. Then when he got older and started having a few teeth, I switched him to the Tiny Fangs Tooth Gel after using another brand. He liked it better for its Tuition Fruit flavor and as I have observed, it works better than the previous brand. Now that he is four years old, he’s using the Tiny Fangs Kiddie Toothpaste which is low in mint, low foam,  Paraben-free and Fluoride-free.

tiny Gabrielle

My adorable tiny Gabrielle!

That’s my adorable three-month old daughter! 👆 Our  bunso 🙂 She greets me with a cheerful smile each morning, giving me a good start for the day. In that photo, she’s wearing the tiny Buds Organics personalised onesie, pajama bottoms, mittens, and booties. She was also wearing the cute beanie before that picture was taken.

tiny Buds Organics Collection - Tie Side Blouse

In that next photo above, my baby wore the tiny Buds Organics short sleeves kimono top with her navy blue and white polka dot leggings. I love that with its beige color,  every piece from her tiny Buds Organics set can be paired with any of the clothes that she already has!

Check out my Instagram post below for a closer look at the tiny Buds Organics Collection.  We got the Short Set, the Organic 3-pc. Newborn Set, and the Organic Binder.

After I have inspected every piece in the collection and had my baby tried them, here’s a list of what I love about the tiny Buds Organics Collection:

Made from organic cotton
New and unwashed fiber does not have any smell at all. It is also soft to touch – definitely comfy and safe for my baby’s delicate skin.

Printed size on the inside
When shopping, it’s easier to see the size on the inside part of the garment because of its large print. Size is printed on the garment itself and not on a tag. Inner tags almost always cause an irritation on baby’s sensitive skin.  

tiny Buds Organics Collection - Size Print


Tiny brand tags 
They do have brand tags attached on the beanie, booties and short sleeve kimono top but they’re tiny and on the outside so they won’t be a bother to baby’s skin.

tiny Buds Organics Collection - Tag

As I have mentioned earlier,  every piece from the collection is in one color: Beige. It is very suitable for babies of both genders. Perfect as gifts for when you don’t know the gender of the little one yet.

Personalized onesie print
tiny Buds will customise your baby’s onesie by adding your wee one’s name after their brand signature, tiny. We got ours with tiny Gabrielle on it. I soaked my baby girl’s collection on tiny Buds Newborn Laundry Wash (no less!) and haven’t rinsed it until the second day. My hubs freaked out because he got worried that the print would fall off. But it didn’t! 🙂

Stitched Ties
I was so glad that the short sleeve kimono top has stitched ties! With all the tie-side tops that I bought for my babies, I had to loop each tie on its ends because they tend to run easily and cause tangles in the laundry.

tiny Buds Organics Collection - Stitched Ties

Garterised mittens
tiny Buds Organics’ pair of mittens are garterised which ensures that baby’s mittens won’t fall off.  The majority of the mittens that we have have ties and I have to do a double loop when I put them onto baby’s hands. Most of the time, especially when we are out and about,  one of the mittens gets loosened and would fall on the floor. My son would quickly pick up his baby sister’s mitten and give it to me. My baby would either end up using a spare in a color that is different from what she is already wearing on the other hand, or her other hand would just go bare. These never happens whenever she’s using the mittens from tiny Buds!

Structured booties
The pair of booties don’t have ties as well. It has a wide band on top that keeps booties in place. At the bottom of each is a structured but soft fabric in the shape of baby’s feet which make it look like shoes.

tiny Buds Organics Collection - Organic Binder

Organic Binder


Non-irritating adhesives
The Organic Binder (in the photo above) has non-irritating adhesives. One side has round tips that adhere to the other flap firmly. These round tips wouldn’t hurt baby’s skin, if ever the binder gets detached.

All of the pieces that we got from the tiny Buds Organics Collection are fit for babies 0-3 months of age. They all fit nicely to my 3-month-old baby girl.

Get a set for your own little one at! I love that tiny Buds has their own shopping website. Online shopping with reliable delivery and superb customer service is really helpful for busy moms like me 🙂

To know more about tiny Buds and their amazing products, follow them on IG: @tinybudsbaby and on FB: @tinybuds.