My life as a working woman and mom to an 8-month old adorable baby boy is crazy busy. We don’t have a maid, by choice. My husband and I do all the chores but we do outsource some of the laundry at least once a month. A plantsadora also comes in every other week. On a work week, we would drop off our little one at my parents’ house on our way to work and pick him up when we get home. On days like these, I barely have time to prepare a decent meal for my hubby and I to partake. For dinner, if we are not eating at my parents’ house, we would chow down on takeout food while driving.

What’s a wife got to do? I can’t resort to corned beef, spam and other canned goods all the time. I need something that is not a hassle to prepare and will make us feel full longer.

Bounty Fresh Top Torikatsu

Top Torikatsu by Bounty Fresh

Top Torikatsu of Bounty Fresh is the perfect answer! This 450-gram pack of 100% pure chicken breast fillet comes in classic and cheese and chives fillings and coated with breadcrumbs. It only takes 3 minutes to cook. Quick and easy. The price is so affordable, too. You pay Php179 per pack which contains 6 pieces of chicken meat goodness. It has been in the market since the beginning of this month.

Top Torikatsu Product Launch

Top Torikatsu Product Launch at Prive Bar

I was able to witness the Top Torikatsu product launch last September 12 at Prive Bar at the Fort Strip, BGC. I was blessed to have Mommy Cow (Hello Ives! ) as my officemate and she invited me to tag along.

Boys Night Out with Ellen Adarna

Tony Toni, Ellen Adarna, Slick Rick and Sam YG for Top Torikatsu

We were able to watch the digital videos of the ever famous guys of The Boys Night Out and the gorgeous Ellen Adarna as brand ambassadors for Top Torikatsu. They were chosen to represent the newest product of Bounty Fresh because they fit the target market of young and busy working professionals. In those videos, we have seen how Sam YG, Tony Toni and Slick Rick with their pa-sensitive, geeky and bad boy antics fail to win the girl of their dreams. The only thing that got them their dream date is a serving of mouthwatering Top Torikatsu. Winner! Watch out for these videos online and be amuse with their stories. Buy your own serving of Top Torikatsu and be amazed at how something that is so easy to prepare can taste so delicious.

All photos in this post except that of the Top Torikatsu tarp, were all from Trixie of That Girl Trixie.