Why I Like Queen Elsa of Arendelle

I became somewhat attached with Disney’s award-winning animated film, Frozenthe first time I have seen it. It’s a movie about two sisters, Elsa and Anna, who have so much love for each other. But, because of a serious accident that happened in their childhood, they were kept apart so Anna can be safe from Elsa’s glacial powers, which the latter had difficulty controlling, at first. When Princess Anna provoked Queen Elsa during the coronation night, the latter became emotional which triggered her power to freeze a greater part of the kingdom and bring in deep, deep snow. Queen Elsa ran to the mountains and kept to herself. It was when she discovered the beauty of her powers and the many things that she can do with it. That was the part when Idina Menzel belted out Let It Go, the song the kids and adults kept on singing over and over after watching the film.

Photo grabbed from the Disney Frozen gallery

Photo grabbed from the Disney Frozen gallery

For a long time, I would sing the chorus of that song while doing my chores, putting my son to sleep, and having a quick bath.  More than having an LSS (last song syndrome), I felt that I can relate with Queen Elsa’s character and how she was depicted in the lyrics of the song. A strong-willed woman with uncanny abilities, Elsa was told to keep a low profile and as a result, grew up living in fear. She felt liberated when she ran to the mountains where she can be herself. There was a part of me that felt something like that, though I have no intention of leaving my loved ones and everything behind just to break away from repression. Thankfully, I am able to gradually unleash my inner Elsa without the need to leave 🙂

Queen Elsa on her ice kingdom

Photo grabbed from the Disney Frozen gallery

I was hoping to see Queen Elsa and Princess Anna when we visited Disneyland in Tokyo. Unfortunately, the Tokyo has yet to incorporate the Frozen film into their Disney theme park. It’s a good thing that I can finally see the Queen of Arendelle along with our favorite characters at the Big Dome before the year ends. It will surely be another epic moment for me and my family. It was our dream to watch Disney on Ice and we are very thankful that GOD finally answered our prayers. Would you like to watch it with your loved ones, too? Check out the poster below.

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