And these are serious yaya issues. I am writing on behalf of my friends who had unpleasant encounters with people whom they have chosen to entrust their babies with.

Friend #1 texted me last night to inform me that she finally decided to let go of her new yaya. Previously, she already asked me to pray for that yaya because she sensed that something is not right. That time, I advised her to heed her gut feel because a woman’s intuition is right most of the time. I told her that it’s our gift. She took note of my advice but she opted to let her stay since the hired help looked easier to work with. Then came the incident yesterday, when yaya let a stranger into their house to look at my friend’s newborn baby. Yaya didn’t even bother to ask for her permission even when she was at home that time. Imagine my friend’s reaction! So Friend #1 called yaya’s attention and spoke to her calmly. It was yaya who got angry. At that instant, my friend terminated her services and told her to leave. Despite of what happened,my friend was thankful that  that incident happened while she was at home. She was able to keep her little angel (and their house) safe and protected from people who do not have the best intentions for her.

Friend #2 is a work-at-home mom. She has a son who is barely a year old and her husband is also working full-time for another company. She did not have a yaya since her baby was born up until last month. She decided to hire one because she is now finding it difficult to take care of her growing baby while working. Her new yaya was a referral of another helper. The woman was notorious for being a war freak but my friend decided to give her a chance because she thought that if she would be nice to her, she would be good, too. Yaya barely completed her first work week and did just a few chores. She left one day and when she came back, she informed my friend that she is pregnant. My friend didn’t mind it and figured that she needed the job all the more. Friend #2 was so patient with her despite of her frequent absences. The last straw came yesterday when yaya failed to report for work again with no SMS to inform my friend. She just sent her mother-in-law late in the afternoon to tell my friend that she can’t come in due to pregnancy symptoms. The old woman insisted that she work in place of yaya and that she would start the following day. Friend #2 just told her that that she would have to consult her husband. But my friend had resolved not to hire her. She would just take care of her son while looking for another helper. I also gave her an unsolicited opinion: It wouldn’t be safe for the whole family of a stranger to work for them and know everything about their household, most especially if they are the kind with dubious character.

We  all need to be careful when choosing people to be part of our household. Our life, specifically our safety, highly depends on them. I think it would help if we would make NBI and police clearances as part of our requirements prior to hiring them. It would be better if they could also provide us with their most recent medical exam just to be sure that they won’t pass on any disease to our family especially to our little ones whose immune system are not yet fully developed.