Now is the best time to share whatever we have. I am not just talking about giving gifts because Christmas is just around the corner. It’s more than that. It’s the kind of giving that knows no borders and seasons.

The vast destruction that super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) has caused in the Visayas and in the lives of thousands of our fellow Filipinos is of epic proportions. Lives were lost. Properties wiped out. Whatever little that they have was taken away. All these happened in just one day. It left many people heartbroken, helpless and desperate.

Words are not enough to comfort those who have survived. Words cannot return who and what was taken away from them. But, words are very powerful and have the ability to encourage and motivate people that a better future is in store for them. There are so many ways that we can help the victims rebuild their lives again. Spread the word out. Do your share. Be a blessing.

If you have a mobile phone and have plenty of load credits, consider donating any amount that you will be happy to give. Globe and Smart have devised ways on how you can donate to Philippine Red Cross through your phone. Smart is currently part of the helpPH project. Visit their site to learn how you can help.

The helpPH website

The helpPH Website

UNICEF is still accepting cash donations for purchasing medical and hygienic kits that they will hand over to Yolanda-stricken families.

The UNICEF Philippines Donation Page

The UNICEF Philippines Donation Page

If you are an entrepreneur, however big or small your business is, you may want to donate a portion of your profits. Others decided to give a day or month’s worth of proceeds.
Whenever you update and check your social media accounts, take the time to share information on how to help out. Take advantage of the size of your network.

Every time you say your own prayers, pray for all those who have been afflicted by Yolanda/Haiyan. Pray that they will not lose hope and that they will realize and believe that God has the best plan for them. He always gives us hope and a better tomorrow. Pray for our government, local officials, people of influence and those who have plenty of resources to be sincere in helping our kababayans. Let’s pray that they will be selfless and that they will do their best to help those who need it most.